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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crazypricing Manages Retail & Online Shopping both

The retail industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. For decades the corner store or dukaan was the only retail format available to the consumer in the urban areas. This model has slowly given way to international formats of retailing.
Indian retailers are taking advantage of this growth and aiming to grow, diversify and introduce new formats to pay more attention to the brand building process. The emphasis here is on retail as a brand rather than retailers selling an assortment of brands. But, the focus should be on branding the retail business itself.

Here I would Like to introduce one of the retail chain in India which is CrazyPricing. CrazyPricing which is the future retail name in India. Crazypricing has a target of around thousands of retails shops in India till 2010 and it will deal with only IT products like mobile phones, plasma displays, Laptops notebook, desktop computers, External Hard drives, Memory Cards, Motherboard, computer pherepherals and more... and It promises for providing cheapest rates gadgets, keeping minimal margins and also giving liberty to there customers on payment and offering different payments mode on purchase of laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, smart phones, pda phones and many more products.
The first e retail shop Inguaration is done by the CEO of esys Information Technology Limited The Location of shop is at Satya Niketan, South Extension, New delhi in front of Venkatesh College.
Crazypricing which is also started there Online Shopping Portal in India as, By Using High end technolgy they have launched world largest user friendly website and search engine became search very precisionand easy to find products reviews, specification, Feature details which became easier, faster and relevant.
Buying produts from Crazypricing is very easy and complete in 3 minmum steps after selecting product which save lots of time for online shopping lovers.

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Firstly i want to congrats you for having such a good blog and sharing these informative things. Really it's good blog and i spent 2 hours on it and found better informations about shopping... I have some blogs , plz see them and suggest something if any suggesion.

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