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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Asus Pda Mobile Phones and Smart Phones

New PDAs and smartphones are coming in the market everyday. Now ASUS has announced the launch of a new mobile phone in India. Now Asus pda mobile phones are available at Online shopping stores and malls in India like cafegadgets, Crazypricing. Asus offering new advanced featured PDA phones in India at cheap discount rates.

Today's PDA is very small in size, fits comfortably in a pocket and generally has good battery life which allows you to recharge the device at night or when at the office. A PDA usually includes a small screen usually bigger than a digital phone, however smaller than the smallest laptop, a small QWERTY keyboard that is made for thumb typing and a stylus which is a metal or plastic pen to input data or communicate with the device by a touch pad screen. While components and specifications change throughout the years, today you can find PDA's with lots of RAM memory, storage in either miniature hard drives or compact flash cards or sticks and some can be expanded by a PC card that fits into a PCMCIA slot.

Asus had launched there window mobile phones in India and soon it will capture the whole market. The reason is – Asus offering pda phone at lower cost as compared to the other window mobile vendors in India.
Here are the some latest popular Asus Mobile phones available at Cafegadgets –

1)Asus P320 Touchscreen PDA -
Asus P320 is a mini PDA phone operating on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional platform and packed with features such as GPS navigation EDGE/GPRS and Wifi. It is economically priced at Rs 12,900.

2)Asus P750 Mobile Phone - Free Additional battery Worth Rs 2499 P750 is Complete Business Solutions with High Speed Data Transfers

3)ASUS p527 Mobile phone with Car Kit and Map - Free Additional battery Worth Rs 2499 P527 Record and Share Exciting Adventures Wherever You Are

4)Asus P526 Mobile phone with Car Kit - Free Additional battery Worth Rs 2499 P526 Trendy Outlook with Innovative Mobile.

5)Asus M530W Mobile Phone - Free Additional battery Worth 2499 M530W Receive Instant Messages Anytime, Anyplace.

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