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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PDA Smart Phones

What is PDA?
A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a computer that fits in your hand. These small computers are sometimes called palmtops and are a great way to store telephone numbers, email addresses, access the internet, make calculations, keep a digital calendar and play games.

Today's PDA is very small in size, fits comfortably in a pocket and generally has good battery life which allows you to recharge the device at night or when at the office. A PDA usually includes a small screen usually bigger than a digital phone, however smaller than the smallest laptop, a small QWERTY keyboard that is made for thumb typing and a stylus which is a metal or plastic pen to input data or communicate with the device by a touch pad screen.While components and specifications change throughout the years, today you can find PDA's with lots of RAM memory, storage in either miniature hard drives or compact flash cards or sticks and some can be expanded by a PC card that fits into a PCMCIA slot. Newer palmtop computers have USB ports to plug in a variety of peripherals to use with your PDA.

The first PDA, called the Newton, was created by Apple in 1993. Since then, numerous other companies have jumped on the bandwagon and have added many new designs and options to the PDA market. The Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, HP Jordana, Compaq Aero, Sharp Mobilon, and Sony CliƩ are all common PDAs. Ironically, Apple's Newton was discontinued when the company was having financial difficulties in 1998. Today's PDAs allow you to organize your schedule, take notes, do math calculations, play games, write memos, and even surf the Internet and send e-mail. They are cool things to have, but if you decide to get one, please do us all a favor and don't show it off in public.

Top 5 PDA Mobile Phones
1) Blackberry Pearl 8120
2) i-mate
3) Nokia E90 Communicator
4) HTC Touch Dual
6) Palm Treo 750

HTC most popular phones in India
1) HTC P3400
2) HTC P3300
3) HTC Touch Diamond
4) HTC Touch Pro
5) HTC S710

Imate Popular phones
1) i-mate k jam
2) i-mate jasjam
3) i-mate jama
4) i-mate PDAL
5) i-mate SMARTFLIP
6) i-mate spl
7) i-mate JAQ3

Nokia popular phone
1) Nokia Communicator ( Nokia E90 Smartphone )
2) Nokia E61i Smartphone

ASUS Mobiles
1) ASUS P320
2) ASUS P750 Mobile Phone
3) ASUS P526 Mobile Phone
4) ASUS P527 Mobile Phone
5) ASUS M530W Mobile Phone

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