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Friday, June 13, 2008

Laptop Bag

Laptop cases are no longer simply about getting your laptop from one place to another; you can do that with a plastic grocery bag. With more people than ever daily toting their computers between the office and the home, the laptop case is now expected to mix durability, security, style—the ratio of those elements is up to you.

Laptop notebook are very sensitive and requires lots of care precaution while travelling. In that you require a backpack carry case which not only protect your laptop but looks good while carrying.
Now a days laptop bags are designed in such a way that you will not become tired, unfortunately if bag hits with heavy items will not affect your laptop / notebook. Laptop are big in demand and used by every class people and manufacturers are taking care of of every type of person even it belogs to service class or business class. There are special laptop bag for ladies which are available in pink colors. pink laptop bags and pink laptop carry case brings more attraction and glow to ladies.
There are many, many generic laptop cases out there that fit any notebook. And among those made for specific laptop sizes, the most-common specification is “fits 15-inch laptops.” But if you’ve got a smaller portable, these bags and cases are just too big—your laptop often slides around inside, and the bag itself is often larger than it needs to be. Otherwise for every size Laptops there are different laptops bags. Black color laptop bags are most popular but now pink laptop carry cases more popular and in great demand among ladies.
Some top most carry cases are:
1) HP Pulse Backpack(EL281PA)
2) Case-Mate Mac Book 13 MacBook Handle - Black
3) HP Trendpack Red Backpack (RC735AA)
4) Pacific Design Action II Messenger Bag - XL
5) Pacific Design Action II Backpack - XL
6) HP Signature Ladies Slim Bag (EZ142AA)
7) RoadWired Skooba Satchel - Olive
8) RoadWired Roadster Convertible Case
9) RoadWired Skooba Satchel - 17
10) Pacific Design Action II Rolling Backpack - XL

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