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Saturday, September 18, 2010

HTC Wildfire A3333 Mobile phone

HTC Wildfire is similar like HTC Desire and has similar features. For its modest price tag, the Wildfire comes loaded with a 5 MP camera, the highly intuitive HTC Sense UI, Wi-Fi, 3G & GPRS connectivity . The Wildfire is powered by the same 528 MHz processor as the Hero and supports fairly smooth menu scrolling and web browsing.

The Wildfire supports the social phonebook which can merge your phonebook and social networking buddies, sync photos from Flickr and Facebook. You can also see your contacts Facebook and Flickr photos right from the address book, and when one of your contact calls you, their latest facebook update and photo is displayed .You can also see your contacts Facebook and Flickr photos right from the address book, and when one of your contact calls you, their latest Facebook update and photo is displayed.
The device supports Flash Lite and multi-touch. It comes preloaded with Friends Stream, which integrates your friend's Facebook updates, Flickr photos and Tweets into a single platform. Sharing Android apps with your friends hasn't been easy since you can't directly connect to a Web based store,t he Wildfire sorts that out with a App Sharer . It lets you share the link to your favourite app via text, mail or on twitter/facebook. The HTC Wildfire A333 supports Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity.

The 3.2-inch QVGA capacitive touchscreen and optical trackpad work in tandem for easy navigation, while the 5-megapixel with LED flash allows you to click low noise photos in low light.

The HTC Wildfire is a Android 2.1 handset and offers Microsoft Exchange support, which allows easy synchronising of emails, it also lets you look up your company address book for people who are not there on your phonebook. The Wildfire makes it easy to transfer data from your old phone via Bluetooth using the onboard 'transfer data' app. The phone comes with haptic-feedback switched on by default, however, you can turn it off.

The Wildfire offers a smooth web browsing experience with Flash Lite support, pinch-to-zoom resizing and auto orientation. It also supports handy reference tools like Wiki lookup,one-touch dictionary and translation. The Wildfire is a 3.5G handset and can support data transfer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384Kbps on HSPA. It supports Wi-Fi and quad-band GSM connectivity too. The phone has a built-in GPS receiver and digital compass and supports turn-by-turn navigation once synced with Google Maps.

Keep your friends close
* Nowadays, staying in touch means more than making a call. The HTC Wildfire gives you instant access to Facebook© and Twitter™ and helps you keep up-to-date with the things that matter, like where the party is this weekend.

* Uncover new ways that you & your friends can explore your city. Earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things. Available for download for Android Market™.*

What the Doodle
* The addictive social, multiplayer drawing game where you pit your artistic skills against the rest of the world. Available for download on Android Market™.*

Time to play
* Games come alive on the HTC Wildfire. Our built-in G-Sensor lets you tilt the phone to control the game, adding a fresh dimension to how you interact with what is happening on screen. Plus, there are hundreds of classic and new games available for download on Android Market™.

* Hugely addictive and realistic update on the classic labirinth game which moves and feels like the real thing.

* Tilt your way up to space and try to catch the aliens that have abducted your friends, collecting surprises and power-ups as you go. Available for download at Android Market™.*

Dancing in the street
* Looking for an easy and intuitive music player? The HTC Wildfire has got it covered. Flip through your full collection of CDs and downloads stored on the micro SD card. Or visit Android Market™ for the latest music apps like© and Spotify™.

* Catch up with all the latest music videos on YouTube™. Or if you've starred in your own, share it with your friends.

* Hold your phone up to a song you don't know, switch on Shazam© and get the lowdown straight to your phone – simple. Available for download at Android Market™.*

Shoot from the hip
* Cameras are a pocket essential these days. And with 5-megapixels, auto focus and video capture you won‘t miss that perfect shot. Plus you can add effects, geotag and post your photos instantly to Facebook©, Twitter™ and Flickr®.

* Spice up your photos with text balloons, stickers and special effects and send a fun, personalized message to your friends. Available for download at Android Market™.*

Photoshop® for Android
* Drag your finger accross the screen to crop, resize and adjust the exposure of your photos – then share them with the world via Facebook© or Twitter™. Available for download at Android Market™.*

A bit of local knowledge
* Know what the locals know, when you're traveling away from home. Search Google Maps™ to find what you need. Find your way around with turn-by-turn navigation and find friends close to you with Google Latitude™.

Google Places
* When you're in an unfamiliar place, it's good to know what's around you. See it all conveniently displayed on Google Maps™. Available for download at Android Market™.*

My Tracks
* Made for the great outdoors, My Tracks records your routes and gives you vital statistics such as speed, distance and altitude. Available for download at Android Market™.*


Daniella said...

I've been dreaming of getting this phone this year. I consider this as one of the best buy cell phones to have.

chandra said...

Are there any mobile apps for this HTC Wildfire ? i have this mobile and looking for some good apps..please help me.

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