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Monday, September 1, 2008


What is a Smartphones?
Smart Phones mobile phones are the combination of Cellular phones and functions of handheld computer in a single device. It has an Operating System and local storage, so user can add information, send and receive mails. Smartphones has capability of functioning as Mobile Cellular Phone and as handheld Computer simultaneously.

Emergence of Smartphones
As mobile phones and PdA phones are already launched. Mobile phones are used for long distance communication and PDA phones are just like mini computer. Then it is difficult to carry two devices at same time, On the basis of these needs, Smartphones started emerge. Smartphones can be built from mobile phone or from PDA.

Smart Phone can be a PDA
SmartPhone can be a PDA by adding n/w connectivity and phone functionaries. Microsoft Pocket PC Phone and Palm Treo are the best example of this category. But they are bulky and poor voice quality, battery consumption is more but PDA-style smartphones are popular among business users.

Smartphone can be from Mobile Phone
Smartphone can also evolve from regular mobile phone. It is done by using the programmable brain of mobile phone. Models of these Smartphones include all smartphones from Nokia, Sony Ercisson, Motorola, as well as Microsoft's Windows Mobile smartphones and the target customers are general consumers. These types of smartphones are best in voice calls and text messaging but less effective for computational which is required lots of text typing.
1) Manage Voice Calls – Smartphones and number of advanced features but it is still a mobile phone for long distance communication, text messaging. It can manage concurrent calls or conference calls on the phone, changing ringing tones and many more features.

2) Enhance the Computer – Now everybody has laptops or computers, why do we need smartphones with us? But Smartphone can nicely compatible with Computers. The computer connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth or data cables.
It is beneficial as it can be used as data modem, can share wireless connectivity when WIFI is not available, used as remote control for computers.

3) Increase Productivity – You can use while traveling, carry large amount of data, can make in contact through mails wile away from office. Large amount to data can be attached with a single mail.

4) Access Web 2.0 - These mobile phones are very much compatible with HTML, Javascript, java enable games and software. IT also supports browser like Internet Explorer, mozilla, Opera browser.

5) Share Multimedia content
1) I-mate Smartflip: - Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 OS, Quad-Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), 1.3 Megapixel Camera, Bluetooth v1.2.

- 64MB ROM / 64MB RAM
- 1.3 Megapixel Camers with Video
- Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
- 200 MHz processor and more.....

2) I-mate PDAL:- The i-mate PDAL is feature packed, sleek, attractive and small enough to sit comfortably in your pocket. Its a Windows Mobile 5.0 based Pocket PC phone, and includes applications like Pocket Outlook: Calendar, Contacts, Messaging, Tasks, & Voice Notes, Push Mail, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and Picture & Video Viewer. With built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and push email you can confidently roam any where in the world with complete access to a mobile office. more...

3) Nokia E61i Smartphone:- The Nokia E61i GSM Smart Phone comes complete with integrated hands free speakerphone, conference calling, a single push to talk over a cellular network, enhanced voice commands, voice dialing, voice recorder, and Internet calling (VoiP). And that's just what you can do with your voice! The Nokia E61i boasts a 2.8-inch 320 x 240 pixel screen and a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging. Get Info...

4) Sony ericsson P1i GPS-based:- Add useful, fun and powerful applications to your mobile phone to unleash its full potential - the Sony Ericsson P1i includes GPS-based navigation, critical travel information, Security applications and many more.

5) HTC

6) Nokia E90 Smartphones:- The Nokia E90 Communicator sets the standard for an uncompromised mobile office experience. The latest technologies at the core of the device bring business necessities and personal amenities to the hands of people independent of time and place.
Fast and inexpensive connections over WLAN and HSDPA-enhanced 3G accelerate the mobile use of data- and transmission-rich applications. The interface to business and leisure applications and the Internet, the stunning Nokia S60 browser, with 16 million colors, is capable of displaying the full width of a web page at once. The Nokia E90 Communicator is now based on the S60 platform, making a wealth of additional mobile applications available for its users. The Nokia E90 Communicator also has an integrated GPS and Nokia Maps application to provide help in finding routes and locating services. For increased personal convenience, the Nokia E90 Communicator is equipped with an FM radio, a music player, a video player and two cameras -- a 3.2MP auto focus camera with flash and a second camera for videoconferencing. Get detail info...

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