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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pen Drive - Usb Pen Drives

A USB Pen drive is a small, portable means to store and carry your computer files. It is accessed through the USB port on your computer.
A pen drive is another name for a USB flash drive. Other names are Flash drive, USB flash drive, Thumb drive, etc. They are devices that allow storage of computer files that you can remove and take from computer to computer. A Pen Drive is a must for transferring large volumes of data from laptop to laptop, desktop computer to laptop or laptop to desktop computer. Pen Drives make accessing and transferring audio or video files a snap—literally—with USB plug-and-play interface

The main advantages of USB pen-drives are that they are highly portable and store much more data than a floppy disk.

The USB port is usually found at the back of your PC, it is a narrow socket about 1cm wide by 0.5cm high.

The USB pen-drive will only connect to this socket. In some labs the USB port will be located on the front of the PC below the CD-Rom drive.
• Insert the pen-drive into the USB port by gently pushing it into the slot. Be sure to check the alignment of the drive when inserting it into the slot, as forcing it into the USB port can damage the Pen-drive.
• To safely extract the pen-drive, double-click the on the right of the Task Bar and follow the instructions to safely eject the pen-drive.
• The message 'Safe to Remove Hardware' will appear and you can then remove the pen-drive.
For USB Pen drive more information click here.
USB Pen Drives provide dependable data, music and video transfers and storage with plug and play ease. With no driver software to install, a Pen Drive can be put to use immediately. Plus it is portable—attach it to your keychain, belt or wear it around your neck. Never before has reading, writing and copying to or from a disk drive been as simple.
With no batteries, no software and no cables, a Pen Drive is totally portable. Just plug it into a USB port and your computer automatically recognizes the Pen Drive as a removable drive.
Pen Drive advantages include:
• Portable
• Lightweight
• Compact
• Plug-and-Play Ready USB Interface
• Storage Capacity from 16MB to 1GB
• Super-Fast Transfer Speed
• PC and Mac Compatible
• Manufacturer Warranty

USB drives & Pen Drive are available in various varieties, different storage capacity, attractive colors; different brands are available in the market. The storage capacity ranges from 256 Mb to 4Gb. The cost of pen drives is decreasing now days. When USB pen it drives was introduces it cost was very high approximately one thousand for 256 mp. But because of the high demand and popularity of pen drive the cost decreases and reached to around 500 for 4 Gb. Now it is not a big thing to buy pen drive as it is very cheap. Now public are aware and doing online shopping. As there are various online shopping malls available providing electronics gadgets at fewer prices. Cafegadgets is one who is big dealer of pen drive and has record of selling thousands of USB drives online.

Memory Cards is also one of the storage device is used in mobiles to store more information.
Pen Drives and Memory Cards

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